CHRIS ALFRED FOUNDATION INC also sells historical Arts works like Visual culture from West Africa continent mainly from Nigeria Masquerade, metalwork, Bronze, wood sculpture, architecture. We also sell contemporary African art. By purchasing our products, you are indirectly donating to our foundation as 50% of our profit are contributed to helping the less privilege.
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Dear brothers and sisters,
Dear brothers and sisters,

We are sure you are aware of the vital role that CHRIS ALFRED FOUNDATION Inc play in helping people whose lives are impacted by POVERTY. These people profoundly need you and me to survive and sustain them, especially the children who are the hope of our future. We should not throw a baby with the bathwater because of principle.
We understand that ending poverty needs more than growth and aggressive effort

If you decided to neglect them, this would no doubt increase further pains and unbearable sorrows to their lives. Let passion and compassion inspire us for the well-being of these people. Let us try to find a way to make the children weep no more, their dreams and expectation from you is their only hope and courage.
What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
Please look for a place in your kind heart and give any gift by clicking on the Donate button and send our site: to your friends and families to support us in helping them.

We have our recent budget to create more water supply in most of the rural areas, clothing, shelter, sanitation, medical care, foods, and so forth. Moreover, we hope in the future to increase our campsite to a high number in most of the third world countries where poverty rates are persistently higher.

We are also trying to help them with school buildings and build sustainable awareness that will enormously keep them on throughout the rest of their lives.
Our compassionate brother and sisters; the less- privilege children die every day for lack of food and proper medical care.

Upon a persistent visit to some of our focused indigenous communities, we decided to layout plans that will enhance their livelihood as this will enable them securing the necessities like, food, water, shelter, medicine, and clothing.
And the capacity to acquire above necessities is by working either individually or as a group by using our financial endowments if we could both human and material on a sustainable basis with dignity.

The activities are usually carried out by the indigenous community’s youth with the support of our team of volunteers. This is an attempt to go beyond the conventional definitions and approaches to poverty and unawareness eradication.
Focusing only on certain aspects or manifestations of poverty, such as low income, or did not consider other vital issues of poverty such as vulnerability and social exclusion.

It is now recognized that more attention must be paid to the various factors and processes which either constrain or enhance poor people’s ability to make a living in an economically, ecologically, and socially sustainable manner in rural areas.

Reversing poverty is possible, we cannot do it all, but when we have supports from generous people like you, we shall continue and further our mission and attain to a greater height and bring a smile to their faces because it does NOT give us the joy to see families suffer and die in hunger. Therefore, let’s given be part of our lives. Please be assured that your contribution will be put to good use to provide support to individuals in great need of help.

You will be informed once we can realize a substantial donation amount. This year and next year’s goal is (€1,800,000.00) which will allow CHRIS ALFRED FOUNDATION INC to continue providing much-needed services to the less privileged who are in need of support, and we shall send you monthly development video/pictures to see how your donation is being used to save the lives of people you cared for. Without the continued support from generous donors like you, these needs will likely go unmet. Please, can we count on you to donate to this important cause?

Thank you for your consideration and continued support. We look forward to your words with interest.

Yours sincerely,
Christopher Alfred,
Chris Alfred Foundation.